Lift Serum

Based on recent discoveries related to beech stem cells, and the revolutionary combination of them with the precious snail secretion, HELISIR LIFT SERUM is born. Its smoothening, moisturizing and tonifying properties give the epidermis elasticity, turgor and softness, thus preventing the onset of wrinkles. Used as the first step in daily beauty routines, it multiplies the efficacy of subsequent treatments.


Aqua (water), Snail secretion filtrate, Glycerin, Fagus Sylvatica (bud) Extract, Carbomer, Profumo/parfum (fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid

Apply few drops of serum in the morning, on the face, after cleansing the skin, spread a uniform amount, dab gently in order to favour a perfect absorption (take care to avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes).


Snail secretion is obtained from edible “Helix Aspersa”, by means of a “Cruelty-Free” extraction process that is completely natural and painless for the animal.

The secretion is collected and filtered in two stages, the first to thin down the secretion and the second to shine it, without any dilutions or chemical interventions.

Snail secretion has a very high content of mucopolysaccharides that make it viscous, with filmogenic, protective and moisturizing properties. Furthermore it contains glycolic acid (moisturizing), allantoin (restoring and protective), collagen (tonifying) and elastin (elasticizing) which find perfect application in anti-age products, with restoring properties and a filmogenic effect that efficiently fight expressions wrinkles.


The cells contained in this extract trigger and stimulate mucopolysaccharide synthesis in the dermis and epidermis, improving skin elasticity and tone.

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